Silhouette Instalift Post Procedure

Offered at our convenient location in Raleigh, NC

What To Expect

After treatment, a slight edema or bruising may occur. Sometimes, a slight depression or skin irregularity may appear at the insertion points. These typically disappear a few days after treatment.

Banding may appear, which is normal and should not cause major concern; this should resolve with time.  Applying warm water compresses and time will resolve any banding issues.

Recovery is generally quick, with most patients returning to work the next day. 


  • Apply cold packs immediately after procedure if required (should be wrapped to avoid direct contact with skin and insertion points).
  • You may wash your hair and face with very gentle upward and outward motions that lift the skin in the same directions as the sutures lift the skin.
  • Do not rub face aggressively when washing, shaving, and drying face for 5 days; be gentle.
  • Acetaminophen may be taken in case of pain (2-3 days).
  • Refrain from applying make-up for as long as possible. Make-up may be gently applied after a minimum of 24 hours.
  • Avoid picking and manipulating the suture at the procedure site.  This can cause more bruising, infection, the perforation of the suture through the surface of the skin.
  • Sleep face-up, elevated on pillows for 3-5 nights.
  • Avoid excessive neck and facial movements for 2 weeks. This includes excessive chewing, talking, yawning, smiling and other complex facial movements. Try to have a “resting face” as much as possible following the procedure. 
  • Avoid participating in high impact sports (example: running) for 2 weeks.
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and UV light for 2 weeks. 
  • Do not use saunas for 3 weeks.
  • Avoid dental surgery for 3 weeks.
  • Avoid facial or face-down massages and facial aesthetic treatments for 4 weeks

When To Call

  • If you experience increased redness, fever or drainage from the thread site
  • If a thread begins to poke through the skin