Fat Injection

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It is common knowledge that our bodies change over time. We have learned to accept these changes as part of the aging process, but what if we didn’t have to? What if we could turn back time and look young again? With fat injection, this is not only a possibility but a reality.

Fat injection is a process that redistributes a patient’s body fat from higher volume areas to facial areas that are lacking in volume due to age and loss of elasticity. Some of the most common areas that lose elasticity are cheeks, the nasolabial area (smile lines), and around the mouth.

Fat injection can erase facial crease, laugh lines, smile lines, crow’s feet, acne scars, and forehead wrinkles all while improving facial contour and rejuvenating the face.

Did you know?

One of the many benefits of this procedure is the fact that it utilizes a patient’s own body fat, which nearly eliminates the risk of rejection or infection. There is also minimal scarring since the incisions made are so tiny and often placed in areas that are naturally hidden. Finally, this procedure generally only needs to be performed once and has long-lasting results.

Fat injection is a safe, simple, and effective way to turn back time and rejuvenate your face. Dr. Allen has extensive experience with this procedure and can guarantee you’ll be satisfied. Book an appointment today for a consultation, and turn back time!


How does a fat injection work?

Dr. Amber Allen of Allen Aesthetic Surgery in Raleigh, NC routinely performs this procedure on many satisfied patients and has extensive experience in obtaining optimum results. Dr. Allen’s fat injection procedure can be broken down into three easy steps: Harvesting, Purification and transfer, and Placement.

The first step, harvesting, refers to the process of obtaining the fat. During this step, Dr. Allen will first determine the site for fat removal, which is most commonly the outer thigh area. Once the removal site has been determined, the area will be numbed, a small incision will be made and a cannula (thin tube used as a drain) connected to a syringe will be inserted to extract the fat.

The next step is purification and transfer. During this step, the fat cells are prepared for injection by undergoing a centrifuge process. This centrifuge process accomplishes two things: first, it ensures that the mixture is evenly distributed, and secondly, it removes any impurities in the fat. After preparation, the fat mixture is then placed in syringes used for the injection.

The final step is placement. During this step, the fat is injected into the desired area. Usually, the needle is inserted and removed several times in various locations around the desired area to make a fat graft. This fat graft allows the fat to be distributed evenly and creates an ideal, natural-looking shape.

What can I expect during my recovery process?

Although there may be swelling and bruising the first week, the bruising will usually disappear by the second week with swelling decreasing significantly anywhere from day seven to day ten. Most people only need to take a week off work, at the most, to recover. After three weeks, you will look like your normal self, although you may have some minimal swelling for a
few weeks after.