Vaginal Rejuvenation

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Rejuvenating the vagina is something more women are interested in these days, especially as they pass into their later years. For many years, surgery was the only solution available, but recent innovations in cosmetic procedures have changed that.

This procedure often includes the application of various devices that aid in the production of collagen or use radiofrequency and laser energy to help facilitate this. In some cases, fillers are used to help enhance the clitoris or increase the size of the controversial G-Spot.

Did You Know?

The first study of rejuvenation of vaginal tissues took place in 1975 when discussion of hoodectomies and vaginoplasties were addressed in a book called Surgery of Love. This seminal work was based on insufficient scientific data, but it did represent the first serious discussion of these procedures in cosmetic and medical circles.

Since 1975, effective and proven treatments have been developed, and demand for them has seen a serious upswing in past years; almost fivefold in the past ten years alone.


What Can Cause Laxity In The Vagina?

There are multiple factors that can be involved with causing laxity in the vagina, starting with hormonal changes that occur throughout a woman’s life. Some of these hormone changes are caused by giving birth and various procedures that can occur during that process, while others come on as a woman ages and enter into menopause.

How Will I know If I’m Suffering From Vaginal Laxity?

If you’ve been experiencing a reduction in sensation during sex or just an overall decrease in satisfaction with a sex life that used to fulfill you, you may be suffering from Vaginal Laxity. This condition can impair your function and ability to enjoy sex, can impact your self-image and reduce your overall quality of life. There is a distressing lack of recognition and reporting of this condition.

Is It Possible To Improve Vaginal Laxity?

There is some fundamental improvement available through the use of Kegel exercises and training of the pelvic floor, though the amount of gain achievable through these practices is in question. Vaginal Rejuvenation procedures, both surgical and non-surgical, have been shown to produce exceptional results in women undergoing these treatments.

How Do Radiofrequency and Laser Energy Help Vaginal Laxity?

These procedures help to heat the tissues within the vagina in a way that aid the production of collagen which will assist in the restoration of tightness and tone in those muscles. Clinical study of these processes has revealed a measurable improvement of female sexual function and tightening of the vagina over those who were tested as part of a control group. Laser procedures function similarly but focus on the surface tissues within the vagina rather than deeper tissues.