Lip Augmentation

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There is something intoxicating about a plump, luscious pair of lips that brings patients to our clinic looking to get a pair for themselves.

Lip augmentation is a non-surgical treatment that utilizes dermal fillers to instantly add volume and definition to your lips. Whether you desire a subtle enhancement or a more dramatic result, lip filler procedures can be highly customizable and long-lasting. Since the cosmetic field has advanced in recent years, those seeking plumper, more youthful-looking lips can achieve it with little downtime using biodegradable, biocompatible, FDA-approved ingredients. 

At Allen Aesthetic Surgery in Raleigh, NC, we prioritize safety and patient satisfaction above all else. As a double-board certified cosmetic surgeon with over 10 years of experience, Dr. Amber L. Allen will take the time to thoroughly assess your medical history and ensure that you receive the most appropriate lip filler treatment tailored to your needs. 

If you’re ready to transform your lips and boost your confidence, schedule an appointment by contacting our office at (919) 676-5052 or fill out our contact page, and Dr. Allen will get back to you as soon as she can. 

Did You Know?

Augmentation of the lips is a procedure that has been discussed since the beginnings of the 20th century. During these days the practice was relatively primitive, with small incisions being made to help give the impression of an increased lip size. The practice of enhancing the lips using cosmetics goes back into prehistory, of course, but surgical solutions are relatively recent. As the decades wore on to modern day the procedures improved with options like collagen and hyaluronic acid injections find their way into mainstream culture.

About Lip Fillers 

Dermal filler is a general term used to describe a wide variety of non-surgical, minimally-invasive treatments that are available on the market today. Many of the fillers used for lip augmentation are made of hyaluronic acid (HA), a substance that is naturally produced in the body. It serves to provide lubrication to the joints, preserving the integrity of joint cartilage. However, one of its main functions is within the skin- it acts as a moisturizer for the connective proteins in the dermis layer. By having a healthy amount of HA in your skin, it can efficiently remain supple, hydrated, and firm. (1)  

Dermal fillers with HA actually bind to your skin’s connective proteins, like collagen and elastin, to provide more structure to the extracellular matrix- all of the area surrounding the skin’s cells. (2) The matrix contains various molecules, minerals, and proteins necessary for cell communication and healing processes. In addition, HA is also capable of invoking a boost in the amount of fibroblasts within the dermis, cells that create the collagen and elastin fibers. With this comes its unique volumizing capabilities, making it the ideal choice for accentuating the lips.

Benefits of Lip Fillers

The benefits of lip fillers extend beyond just physical changes; they have the power to transform your confidence and how you present yourself to the world. Here’s what you can expect from this type of nonsurgical lip lift: 

  • You will notice a gradual improvement in the shape and size of your lips over the course of several weeks.
  • You can eliminate vertical lip lines. 
  • No downtime is required. 
  • Results last up to a year or more. 
  • They contain lidocaine for a more comfortable injection process. 
  • Other cosmetic problems, such as acne scars, moderate folds, and wrinkles can be treated in the same session. 
  • It provokes your body’s natural healing response with increased collagen and elastin production. 
  • Hyaluronic acid can seamlessly be resorbed into your body. 


The ideal candidates for dermal fillers are healthy individuals who are at least 18 years of age. They should not have signs of active acne or any allergies to lidocaine– the numbing agent used alongside the filler. Those who have experienced a severe allergic reaction before should reconsider another treatment. Luckily, these treatments have a very good safety profile and are suitable for most adults looking to enhance their face. 

Personal Consultation

During your personal consultation at our state-of-the-art facility in Raleigh, NC, Dr. Allen will carefully assess your facial anatomy, including the shape and size of your lips, as well as the overall harmony of your features. Our practice specializes in the precise placement of cosmetic injectables to achieve results that complement your individual facial aesthetics. To see what Dr. Allen can accomplish for you, contact her office at (919) 676-5052 or fill out your inquiry using her contact page. 


Though Dr. Allen will give you more detailed information for your preparation, there are some general guidelines you should follow prior to your lip treatment. Firstly, you should avoid blood thinning supplements and medications in the week leading up to your procedure. This will help mitigate any bruising you may experience immediately afterward. During this time, you should also refrain from using retinoid creams, removing your facial hair, and sun exposure. Please let Dr. Allen know if you have ever experienced a cold sore outbreak so that she can prescribe you an antiviral medication. Finally, if you wish, you’ll be allowed to place an ice pack on or near your lips for a few minutes before your injections to prevent further inflammation. 


Prior to administering the fillers, your injector will cleanse the lip area. They will then inject the correct areas to volumize the upper and/or the lower lip. After each injection, you may bleed a small amount, and your injector will quickly cleanse it before administering the next injection. Usually, patients only require one syringe of filler since a little goes a long way. Your injector may gently massage the lips to ensure that the hyaluronic acid or collagen spreads evenly. Within just a few minutes, the procedure is over. Your injector will conclude by wiping up any remaining blood and applying an ointment or serum over the lips. 

Recovery and Results 

After your dermal filler treatment, it’s likely that you’ll feel a little tender and swollen. In order to best prevent infection, you should aim not to touch your lips, keep your skin as clean as possible with soap and water, and postpone putting on makeup. Though dermal fillers don’t call for any downtime, you should be extra careful to avoid over-exerting yourself; sweat and heat can affect your results negatively. You should also refrain from drinking alcohol since it can thin your blood and contribute to bruising. Your injector may recommend that you apply a prescription ointment or serum several times a day to keep the skin moist. Although you’ll notice instant plumping, it will take roughly 2 weeks to see your full results, but this may vary from person to person. 

How to Make Fillers Last Longer 

The longevity of your fillers is highly dependent on your own metabolism, but Dr. Allen tells all of her lip filler patients to avoid sun exposure or use a lip balm with SPF. You should also be diligent about staying hydrated since hyaluronic acid works to maintain moisture within your skin.  

Corresponding and Complementary Procedures 

Surgical Lip Lift 

While dermal fillers can provide lasting results, many patients do not want to worry about follow-up appointments to maintain their results. A surgical lip lift is a minimally invasive procedure that involves the removal of a tiny piece of skin under the nose in order to raise the upper lip. With this method, the natural volume of your lips is accentuated and lifted to be more visible. 

Cost of Lip Fillers in Raleigh, NC 

The cost of lip fillers at Allen Aesthetic Surgery will vary depending on the specific treatment plan and your desired results. Factors such as the type of filler used and the amount of filler required will influence the overall cost. 

If you’re interested in lip reshaping with fillers or a surgical lip enhancement procedure, we invite you to contact our office at (919) 676-5052 or fill out our contact form. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to answer your questions and schedule a consultation with Dr. Allen. 


What are some of the best hyaluronic acid dermal fillers for lip augmentation? 

Hyaluronic acid fillers that are specially designed for lip enhancement are Juvederm Ultra XC, Juvederm Volbella XC, Bellafill, and Restylane Kysse. Although they have different formulations, they have all been FDA-approved for use in the lips and/or to treat wrinkles around the mouth. 

Can you undo the results of a nonsurgical lip lift?

The results of hyaluronic acid fillers can be reversed with an enzyme called hyaluronidase, but there isn’t a reliable way to reverse collagen fillers.

Do nonsurgical lip lifts hurt?

Dermal fillers in the lips don’t typically cause much pain because the fillers are mixed with lidocaine, an anesthetic. The needles used are also ultra-thin and designed to be used in the lips. 

Will my lips feel different after lip augmentation? 

You may feel sensitive after your injections for the first couple of days, but this will resolve quickly and your lip sensitivity will return to normal. 


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