My Ellevate

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When sleeping or lying down, make sure you are positioned at a minimum incline of 45 degrees. Utilize this rule for your first 10 days of recovery. Using a couple of pillows or recliner works just fine.

Chin Strap

Keep on at all times for 7 days. You will be placed in chin strap before leaving the office on the day of procedure (make sure to put on extra support straps to the front and back of head when sleeping).

Neck brace:    **** with Division of Bands ***

Keep on for 10 days while reading/ watching TV/ working on computer/ looking down at phone. Any instance where your head would be in a declined angle, you must wear the brace.

Secure neck brace every night before sleeping (to keep head in neutral position at all times).  


Ice the procedure area using frozen peas for 20 minutes every hour while awake. 

Take all dressings off during icing (chin strap and neck brace)

Bathing / Hygiene

You may shower 48 hours after your procedure, but only using mild soaps or baby shampoo (make sure water is not directly streaming on face, shower with your back facing the shower head). Do not shave for 10 days post-surgery. Hair trimming/ hair clipping is acceptable. 

Wound Care 

Bactroban Ointment for antibacterial care:

Place inside each nostril once a day with Q-tip for the next 7 days.

Place a thin layer once a day on all incisions (excluding eyes) for the next 7 days.