Ear Piercing

Offered at our convenient location in Raleigh, NC

It is important to follow the aftercare instructions recommended by your medical provider.

1. Thoroughly cleanse your hands with antimicrobial soap prior to any contact with your newly pierced ears.

2. Cleanse the front and back of your ears twice daily for the next 6 weeks by liberally applying the dilute peroxide or alcohol without removing the earring. Dry the area with a tissue. Gently slide the ear piercing earrings back and forth with each cleansing; then, gently rotate the earrings. 

3. After 6 weeks you may carefully remove the earrings permanently‐‐preferably after a shower.

a. Wash your hands. 

b. With one hand take hold of the jewelry part of the earring. 

c. With the other hand gently wiggle the back until it loosens.

d. Take the earring out of the earlobe.

 4. Replace the earrings immediately with other post type earrings! We recommend replacing the earrings with hypo‐allergenic earrings.

Important Information:

  • Do not touch your ears with unclean hands. 
  • Do not remove the earrings until recommended by your physician, before 6 weeks. 
  • Make sure your newly pierced ears remain clean and dry. Cover your ears when applying hairspray, perfume, etc. Submerging your head in a swimming pool/lake/ocean should be avoided for the first week after the ear piercing.
  • Take extra care when removing clothing over your head to prevent the earrings from getting caught.
  • Wear post type earrings continually for the first year after the piercing to ensure the piercing will remain the proper size. The holes can shrink and the skin can grow over the area if there are no earrings to keep them open. 
  • Monitor for symptoms of infection: spreading redness 48 hours after the ear piercing procedure, pus/drainage from the holes, fever, or intense pain. Call the office at 919 676 5052 if you notice any symptoms of infection.