Dermal Filler Instructions

Offered at our convenient location in Raleigh, NC


  • It is recommended not to take any aspirin, fish oil, Aleve, or ibuprofen prior to and after your filler injections as they increase the risk of bruising post procedure. Acetaminophen is acceptable.
  • Avoid excessive alcohol 48 hours prior to and following treatment 
  • Do not schedule any laser facial treatments or microneedling procedures within 4 weeks before or after your injectables appointment.
  • Do not schedule first time treatments around special events due to possible swelling and bruising. 
  • You may take oral Arnica tablets prior to your injections, as directed, to help minimize bruising.


  • Bruising and swelling may occur at and around injection site. Swelling and bruising may be present for several days up to 2 weeks after filler injections.
  • Areas around the eyes and lips may experience bruising and swelling up to 3 weeks.
  • Avoid scheduling laser or other treatments to areas where dermal filler was injected for 4 weeks as the product is still settling and these may cause migration of product.
  • Additional treatments may be required after any injection to achieve full correction, as the product settles. Please give a full 4 weeks for product to settle and full results to become present. 
  • Avoid rigorous exercise for the remainder of the day.  
  • In order to minimize swelling it is recommended to apply ice and keep your head elevated for the first 24 hours after treatment. 
  • If you have any questions or concerns about your treatment, please contact our office at 919-676-5052.