What is a Lip Lift?

A lip lift is a relatively common cosmetic procedure. Lip lift procedures work by reshaping the lips and adding extra volume to increase the prominence of the lip line. In doing so, it gives the lips and the face a younger appearance.

An ideal candidate for a lip lift is someone who wants to modify their lips to either have a different shape or more volume. It is also recommended that they have a distance of greater than 1.8cm between their upper lip and nose, otherwise, it is hard to notice adequate results. If you are not sure if you would be a good candidate, speak with your doctor about your options.

However, as with any procedure, there are some possible risks. These risks can include swelling, excessive shortening, relapse, inadequate vermillion showing, asymmetry, and sensation changes. It is also not recommended to undergo the procedure if you have a history of slow healing. Again, if you are concerned about these risks, speak with your doctor about your options.

The lip lift procedure itself works by reducing the distance between your upper lip and nose, essentially reducing your lip-to-nose ratio. To accomplish this reduction, a small piece of skin is taken from the part of your lip that resides closest to your nose. There are different types of lip lifts, and the type of lift determines how the remainder of the procedure will be carried out.

One type is called the Bullhorn lift. With this type of procedure, a bullhorn shaped cut of skin is removed from just under the nose and the remaining skin is anchored to the tissue that lies over the nasal bones. In doing so, this procedure reduces the distance between the nose and the upper lip, as well as increases red lip show. This procedure is ideal for individuals who have a long upper lip or for those who desire poutier lips.

There is also the Italian lip lift, which is a modified version of the bullhorn lift. In this procedure, two small incisions are made at the base of the nostrils, instead of having one large incision. The Italian lift produces results similar to the bullhorn, however, they are less pronounced.

Another type is called the Gull-wing lift. This procedure makes incisions along the top of the upper lip and then removes excess skin, causing the lip to turn slightly upward. This results in red lip show, which gives the lip a fuller appearance. However, it is hard to hide the incision and lipstick may need to be worn to cover up the scar.

After the initial procedure, there is about a week-long recovery period. During this time, the skin around the incision site will be red and slightly swollen. The swelling will rise and fall over the course of the week, but should eventually subside and leave the desired results. After a week, makeup can be applied to hide any remaining redness. Within a few weeks, the redness, swelling, and incision mark will all fade.

The average cost of a lip lift is approximately $3,000, although this number is dependant on factors such as location and the extent of the procedure. Interested in finding out more about lip lifts and whether or not they would work for you? Book a consultation today!

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