The Perfect Body Doesn’t Exist

Not long ago someone made a comment relating to how much is considered too much when investing for surgery in order to achieve what society may consider a “perfect body.” In reality, there is no such thing. We see all kinds of images on social media, television, movies, etc and may consider someone else as having that perfect build.

Well over 35 years ago, actress and model, Bo Derek starred in the movie “10.” Many women during that time strove for that “ideal body.” Over the years, what is considered “ideal” by society has changed dramatically. We are now a society of robust healthy women, and some say it has gone to an extreme with larger buttocks taking the stage. We are overwhelmed each day in social media with perfectly posed pictures with just the right lighting to reflect what may appear to be “the perfect body.” However, if we look closer at anyone’s body, we will notice asymmetries, skin dimpling, cellulite, freckles, etc. That’s what makes us different and unique.

Cosmetic surgery is meant to enhance one’s own beauty, not create the perfect form. Procedures such as tummy tucks or breast lifts allow the average person to just be more confident in his/her own skin. In those who have successfully lost significant amounts of weight, surgery can be life-changing as they can now actually look in the mirror without cringing. So, cosmetic surgery isn’t about trying to become perfect. It’s about positivity.

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