If Your Teen Is Considering Plastic Surgery, You Need To Read This

With plastic surgery being such a familiar concept to people of every age these days, and it’s constant presence on TV, the News, and Beauty Magazines, teens often think that plastic surgery may be something that will cure all their ills. In most cases, these teens are self-conscious about certain aspects of their appearance, over-critical of natural and appealing characteristics merely because they’re trying to live up to an impossible ideal. In other cases, they have legitimate complaints that plastic surgery can help, whether it’s the result of some accident of birth or a traumatic event that left them with unattractive scarring. If your teen has approached you to ask about plastic surgery, then there’s some important information you should consider.

Is This The Result of Bullying And Self-Consciousness?

The first thing to find out is the source of their desire for plastic surgery; if they want to get the procedure done because they think it will perfect some undesirable but normal physical trait, then it’s essential that help improve their self-confidence. While imperfect noses and other “undesirable” features may be something they think they want to be rid of, there’s a story you can tell them that may change their minds.

A Cautionary Tale – Jennifer Grey was famous for her role in Dirty Dancing and was much sought after as an actress in its wake, but she felt that her iconic nose was something she wanted to be rid of. Little did she know that the alteration of that feature would reduce her desirability as an actress, a cautionary tale that demonstrates that what we think of as undesirable may, in fact, be what makes us iconic or unique.

Healthy Reasons To Consider Plastic Surgery

There are some legitimate reasons to consider plastic surgery, mostly those that involve unusually large or misshapen features or to correct asymmetry. This latter is most commonly done in cases in girls where their breasts are significantly different in size resulting in a noticeably lop-sided appearance, especially true where the variation is more than a cup size in either direction. Those with exceptionally large breasts may also have a reduction performed to help treat or prevent back-pain or breathing difficulty. Male teen patients have also been known to receive gynecomastia in cases where their breasts have developed beyond what is average for a male of their age. This condition typically reverses on its own, but in severe cases, this procedure may be necessary. Another conventional treatment done for teens is dermabrasion, a process that treats acne damage and helps to restore smooth skin. This is another procedure that is typically only done when the effect is severe.

If you’re wondering if plastic surgery is appropriate for your teen, it’s time to schedule a consultation with Dr. Amber Allen at Allen Aesthetic Surgery in Raleigh, NC. She’s been helping clients from all over the world restore their natural beauty and overcome their self-consciousness through her procedures, often taking years off of a patients appearance with her expertise. Don’t let your teen suffer from self-consciousness due to a correctable physical feature, call today!

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