Choosing the Right Breast Implants for Your Body

When deciding to undergo breast augmentation, an important part of this decision is choosing the size of the breast implants. However, this may not be as easy as it seems. Many women choose to go bigger, but is bigger always better? And how much bigger is better? In order to be completely satisfied with your breast augmentation, you will want to be sure to choose the right breast implants for your body.

One common reason why some women may have such a hard time choosing an implant size is because they tend to equate breast size with cup size. Cup sizes can vary slightly depending on the bra manufacturer, meaning that there are discrepancies in the actual size.This essentially means that you could be a 36C in one brand and a 34D in another. Because of this, cup size is not an accurate way to choose breast implants. Furthermore, implant size is different than cup size, which adds to the confusion.

Breast implants are measured in cubic centimeters and are available from 100 to 1000 cc. The higher the volume implanted, the bigger the breast. Most implants fall within the range of about 300-400 cc. Because of the increased volume associated with implants the width of the base also can vary and can range from 7.4 cm to 17.2 cm, depending on how much volume is added.

When choosing the right breast implants for your body, it is important to evaluate your own body and consider how breast implants will fit with your existing frame. Things like height, weight, body frame, shoulder width, hip width, buttock, and starting breast volume are all things that should be considered when deciding on breast implant size. In order to have your breast implants “fit” with the rest of your body, you will need to take these things into account. For example a 5’3 woman of a 110 lbs with a small frame would most likely require smaller implants than a 5’10 woman of 145 lbs with a large frame.

You will also want to consider your personality and how you deal with social perception. Breast augmentation will ultimately be enhancing your body, and you may suddenly get attention that you did not get before. There are also certain social perceptions that come with enlarged breasts, so you will want to take these into consideration when deciding on what size you want.

You may also want to consider your activity level and the types of activities you enjoy doing. Larger breasts can make it more difficult to work out or participate in active sports, so you if you are the type who enjoys this kind of thing, you will want to keep that in mind. While breast augmentation with not prevent you from doing any of your normal activities, larger breasts do require more support and can be cumbersome during certain activities.

Another important thing to do when deciding on the size of your implants is to visit your surgeon more that once to be sure that your implant size is truly what you want. You may even be able to try implant sizers on with a sports bra to give you a better idea of what a particular size will look like on you. Ultimately, the important thing is to not let anyone else make the decision for you and to make a decision with confidence before your surgery, so that you will be satisfied with the results.

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