Breast Revisions and You

Deciding to get breast augmentation surgery can be scary, especially if one considers the potential social and medical ramifications. While usually there’s cause to be excited, there’s one overarching concern that comes later, after the procedure has been completed. That concern is the possibility of breast surgery revision. While many people fear that this is the result of some mistake made during the initial surgery, it’s sometimes necessary even when everything goes textbook perfect and your surgeon is impeccable.

Be Sure To Choose Your Surgeon Carefully

While it isn’t always the result of a mistake during the procedure, that’s no reason to not be careful with who you choose to perform your surgery. You obviously want to make sure that the surgeon is board certified and has had successful experiences doing this surgery, and learn what kind of equipment they have available in their office. Vectra 3D Imaging is a powerful tool that will help you see the expected results clearly before they start.

How To Know If A Revision Is Necessary

Even if the surgery goes perfectly there’s always the chance that your body won’t react well to the changes being performed. There are multiple causes, with one of the most common being a condition called capsular contracture that is the result of a thickening of the capsule around the breast implant causing the breast to look lumpy and hard. There are other conditions that can cause this, but this is the most likely.In other cases the original augmentation may result in uneven breasts, or sagging that occurs after the surgery may need resolved, or some other imperfection may exist that leaves the patient unhappy with the results.

Recovery From Breast Revision

There isn’t a significant difference between the recovery you had to go through following the augmentation and the one that occurs after a revision. During this process you’ll be able to return to your normal daily activities, though strenuous activity and lifting should be avoided to help it heal properly. Bruising and tenderness are likely to occur, as is swelling in the surgical site, all of which can be tended to with anti-inflammatories and basic painkillers. As in your original surgery the final results won’t be visible until enough time has passed for your healing to be complete. In the end you should be looking at breasts that you’ll be able to be proud of for years to come.

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your prior breast augmentation and are wondering if a revision may be a good choice for you, it’s time to schedule a consultation with Dr. Amber Allen at Allen Aesthetic Surgery. She has been helping women like you build confidence by using cosmetic surgery to give them the appearance they’ve always dreamed of. Breast revision is available both on former work that she’s performed as well as the work performed by other surgeons. If you’re in the Raleigh NC area consider calling Allen Aesthetic Surgery for an appointment today.

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