Breast Implants: A Look Into The Risks And Benefits

Do you dream of a perfect pair of breasts? Are you thinking about improving the appearance and volume of your breasts? Many patients take advantage of summer and their vacation days to get a breast augmentation, one of the most demanded aesthetic interventions.

It is an aesthetic surgery whose objective is to increase the contour and volume of the breasts, implanting mammary prostheses usually filled with silicone gel.

In spite of being a very safe surgery provided that it is carried out in a specialized clinic that has top-level professionals and quality health facilities, it is common for doubts to appear before a breast augmentation operation.

Before taking the step, it is essential to choose a good surgeon that gives you the necessary security and knows how to solve all the doubts that you could have about the surgery. In addition to that, you must be familiar with the advantages and risks of breasts implants before taking the plunge. Let’s check out what they are!

Advantages of A Breast Augmentation

To undergo a breast augmentation, it is essential to be in good physical and psychological condition. You must be realistic about the results. Breast augmentation can help you gain confidence or destroy your complexes, but it will not change your life.

After the first consultation with a plastic surgeon to solve your doubts, you should grant yourself a period of reflection, valuing the advantages that breast augmentation can offer you:

  1. Improving the appearance of the breasts: A breast augmentation will help to solve an aesthetic problem and achieve a more attractive physical appearance, being able to choose the volume and shape that is desired. You can:
    • Correct an excessively flat chest
    • Correct an imbalance between both the breasts
    • Achieve a better appearance after pregnancy or weight loss
    • Reconstruct the breasts after a mastectomy after overcoming a breast cancer or suffering an accident.
  2. Improve the appearance of the figure of the body in general: Many women need a larger bust size to harmonize their figure, with a more balanced and proportionate appearance. In any case, you are advised to be guided by a plastic surgeon and an image consultant.
  3. Feeling younger: Stronger, erect breasts will make a woman feel younger and more attractive, and she might be able to wear more pronounced necklines and clothing that fits the figure much better.

Disadvantages of A Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is surgery with possible risks and complications that can involve going through the operating room, but going to a medical center guarantees these complications are significantly reduced:

  • Risk of rupture of the breast prosthesis
  • Risk of infections and inflammations around the implant
  • Risk of bleeding and bruising
  • Capsular contracture risk
  • Scars
  • Discomforts of the hospital stay and postoperative admission

Logically, this surgery should be performed in a reputed place after conducting proper research. Also, you must think hard about your choices before jumping into making this life-altering decision.

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