Unusual Cosmetic Procedures

Breast implants, tummy tucks, nose jobs, buttock enhancement, there’s a seemingly endless parade of cosmetic procedures out there. While we may roll our eyes at some of them, in our secret heart of hearts, we understand that self-improvement comes in many forms. That being said, there are some forms of plastic surgery that exist that we’ve never considered, let alone ever thought of getting. We’re not even talking about the really crazy ones like having ‘horns’ implanted under your skin, but instead a more reasonable, if somewhat unusual, host of procedures. We’re going to tell you about a few of them in this article, just to show there’s more to plastic surgery than you might expect.

Cheek Reduction (Buccal Fat Removal)

You read that right; there’s a procedure that is logically known as a cheek reduction. While the more common cheek enhancement surgery is a fairly well-known practice, there are some people out there who feel that the fat in their cheeks gets in the way of defining their cheekbones. If you’ve ever met someone who has “chipmunk cheeks” in spite of having slimmed down everywhere else, you might understand why this surgery exists.

Eyebrow Transplant

It’s entirely possible to over tweeze your eyebrows, and when that happens, you wind up with bald spots that are hard to hide without power or pencil. Eyebrow transplants are a permanent solution to this issue and one that a growing number of cosmetic surgeons offer. The process is fairly simple, and surprisingly common, with many practitioners performing three or four of these a week. Aging can also contribute to the thinning of your eyebrows, and there’s nothing wrong with getting a little help with staying young.


Otoplasties are definitely one of the rarer procedures that people ask for, but for some people, they can be a life-changer. If you have ears that stick out a bit more than you’d like and wish they could be set closer to your head than an otoplasty is for you. It takes about 45 minutes with nothing more than local anesthesia to get the procedure done and can be done on children and adults alike.

If you have a cosmetic concern you’d like to have corrected but don’t know if there is a procedure for it, it’s time to call Dr. Amber Allen at Allen Aesthetic Surgery in Raleigh, NC today! With just a simple consultation, you’ll know everything that can be done to give you the appearance you’ve always dreamed of by reducing or eliminating imperfections through cosmetic surgery.

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