Breast Revisions and You

Deciding to get breast augmentation surgery can be scary, especially if one considers the potential social and medical ramifications. While usually there’s cause to be excited, there’s one overarching concern that comes later, after the procedure has been completed. That concern is the possibility of breast surgery revision. While many people fear that this is […]

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woman in grey bra holding measuring tape around breasts

Breast Reduction in Raleigh, NC

A breast reduction – also known as a mammoplasty – is a surgical procedure used to remove excessive breast tissue and achieve a smaller breast size. Disproportionately large breasts can cause insecurity in one’s appearance, as well as back pain and other physical discomforts. Most women who seek breast reductions do so to transform their […]

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woman in black bra holding her breasts

Breast Lift with Augmentation in Raleigh, NC

While a breast lift can achieve a more youthful appearance to the breast, it usually is not able to provide more volume to the upper breast. Women who feel they have lost volume to due aging and want to have more fullness to the upper breast in addition to treating the sagging breast, a breast […]

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male surgeon consulting female patient in office

Breast Augmentation in Raleigh, NC

The decision to have your breasts enhanced, made fuller, or augmented in any way is a personal matter that each woman makes for reasons that are meaningful to her. Some women experience sagging after giving birth or nursing, while others become unhappy with the appearance of their breasts after losing or gaining significant amounts of […]

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Breast Lift in Raleigh, NC

A breast lift – also known as a mastopexy – is a surgical procedure used to elevate and re-contour the breasts, as well as reduce the size of the areola if necessary. Many circumstances can cause the breasts to lose their youthful shape and density. They may include age, breastfeeding, significant weight loss/gain, pregnancy, or […]

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